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Photo Machine Manufacturer Model Year Specification
2.5m Hydraulic Press Brake (Bender) AMADA RG-80 1986 80T*2500mm, OH: 370mm, Auto BG
2.5m Hydraulic Press Brake (Bender) AMADA RG-80 1989 80T*2500mm, OH: 370mm
Deburring Machine AMADA IBT-610II 2004 Wet Deburring Machine, Sheet thickness:t0.5-12.7, Width: Max 600mm, Length: Min 160mm, Twin wheel
1.2m Hydraulic Press Brake (Bender) AMADA RG-35S 35t*1200, Auto BG, OH:320
2.5m Mechanical Shear AMADA DCT-2565 1989 6.5t*2500, Auto BG, Air support
2.0m Mechanical Shear AMADA M-2045 1988 4.5t*2000mm, Auto BG
2.5m Mechanical Shear AIZAWA ADH-625 1989 Max6.5t*2515mm, Auto BG
Laser Cutter AMADA FO-2412 2000 Work size:2440*1220mm, NC:Fanuc-160iL, Oscillator:OLC-430HII(3.0kW),Chiller and Dust collector
Laser Cutter AMADA LC-2412βⅢNT 1999 Work size:2440*1220mm, NC:AMNC/PC, Oscillator:OLC-430HII(3.0kW), Shuttle Table, Chiller and Dust collector
Laser Cutter AMADA LC-3015βⅢNT 2000 Work size:3050*1530mm, NC:AMNC/PC, Oscillator:OLC-430HII(3.0kW), Chiller and Dust collector
Turret Punch Press AMADA PEGA-345H 1996 Max Sheet Size::1000*2450mm(One Reposition), 30T, 58st, 2A/I, NC:04PC
Turret Punch Press AMADA VIPROS-357Q 1996 Max Sheet Size:3660*1270mm, 30T, 58st, 2A/I, NC:04PC
2.0m Hydraulic Press Brake (Bender) KOMATSU PHS-80*200 1989 80T*2000mm, NC:KPAPS III, OH:355mm
2.5m Mechanical Shear AMADA M-2545 1990 4.5t*2500mm, Auto BG
Corner Shear AMADA CSW-250 1985 3.2t*250*250mm, edge notch
Corner Shear AMADA CSW-250 1990 t3.2*250*250mm, Turn Table
Iron Worker AMADA IW-45II 1992 45T*2500mm, NC:AMADAN 01FA, Tooling(Flat bar cut, Angle cut, 90°corner notch, 45°corner notch, Channel flange notch)
300mm Band Saw AMADA HFA-300 2005 φ330, □330*330mm
Inverter Spot Welder AMADA ID-40IIST 2004 Inverter spot welder, 40kva
Laser cutter MITSUBISHI DENKI ML3015HV-40CF 2004 3050*1525mm, Oscillator: 40CF(4.0kW), NC:LC20BV, Chiller, 36000hr


  • 2017-12-30
    Amada second-hand machine refurbished.
    Amada second-hand machine refurbished.

    Iron Worker IW-45II
    Press Brake RG-80
    Shearing Machiner M-2545
    Corner Shear CSW-250
    Band Saw HFA-300
  • 2016-10-05
    We have renewed our website!
    We have renewed our website.
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